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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Banned commentators list

People listed below aren't allowed to make posts in the comments section at this blog. If they do, their posts will be removed as soon as I see them. Moderation will be turned on when necessary to block banished commentators from returning.






German Dziebel




Mr Snow


Olympus Mons

Richard Holtman


Shahanshah of Persia/Kanishka



I'll be updating the list regularly as more people are banned, which is highly likely. To make sure that you don't make it onto the list, think twice before you post a comment. Follow the blog rules [see HERE] and make an effort to understand the basics of what is being discussed before you join the discussion.

If, perhaps, you're frustrated that your pet theory isn't working out, then come up with a better pet theory. But whatever you do, don't troll here. Also please note, discussions with banned commentators are forbidden, and those who break this rule will also be banned.


Romulus said...

Did we just become best friends? 😘🙃

Davidski said...

I'll probably be adding you to the list soon.

Ric Hern said...

I think what basically counts in these discussions is Ancient DNA from Ancient samples to determine origin, not where current people and animals are found today, because that tells us next to nothing about their origin.

Razib Khan said...

*thumbs up*

Richard Holtman said...

Thanks for not banning me Davidski. I've said some controversial things. I'll make sure to post nothing too controversial.

Anonymous said...

Bardzo mi smutno z powodu Pana Gioiello.
Co mi po ludziach poprawnych jeżeli nic nowego nie wnoszą.