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Friday, October 17, 2014

Analysis of Hinxton2 - ERS389796

Hinxton2, or ERS389796, is one of five ancient English genomes stored at the Sequence Read Archive under accession number ERP003900. However, this analysis is based on the genotype file of Hinxton2 available at Genetic Genealogy Tools. For more information and some speculation about these genomes see my earlier blog post here.

Interestingly, f3-statistics in the form f3(Mbuti;Hinxton2,Test) show that Hinxton2 shares most genetic drift with present-day Danes and Norwegians. Please refer to the relevant spreadsheets below.

Shared drift stats of the form f3(Mbuti;Hinxton2,Test) - Eurogenes dataset

Shared drift stats of the form f3(Mbuti;Hinxton2,Test) - Human Origins dataset

Eurogenes K15 4 Ancestors Oracle results

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