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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hilariously wrong

From a recent paper at Forensic Science International:

The most commonly found haplogroups [among Lithuanians] are R1a and N, hence it can be argued that Lithuanians originate from Pakistan/Northwest India and East China/Taiwan.

Jankauskiene et al., Population data and forensic genetic evaluation with the YfilerTM Plus PCR Amplification kit in the Lithuanian population, Forensic Science International, DOI:

For a reality check see here...

R1a: The beast among Y-haplogroups


Steve said...

Unironically citing the out of India theory as plausible.

Karl_K said...

Well... technically... they are correct in saying that "it can be argued".

Ritesh said...

Is there free access to the full text because the abstract doesn't mention the origin part ? Being a forensic paper, the conclusion about origin is a bit wierd. Maybe by checking the references they have used,it can be known where their argument is coming from. Surely, they aren't experts in genetic anthropology.

Davidski said...


Nothing in the reference section about R1a or even Y-chromosome phylogeography. It seems like the authors just skimmed through literature, saw a couple of old papers claiming that R1a was from South Asia, and based their conclusions on those without referencing.

Anonymous said...

From the hilarious paper "The analysis of Y-STR markers is used" - ahahah.
This paper has no significance.

Ritesh said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Mama Dee said...

I can't delineate what's what and what rings true but I can tell you 'traits' of the groups I'm associated have definitely contributed to our 'ethnic' look over the centuries. We were told we were either African or Native several generations back. What showed up was indicating more N. Africa, India and the like.
Interesting stuff for sure!!