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Thursday, September 22, 2016

New rules for comments

All comments posted here must comply with the following rules. Comments that break these rules will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.

- no racial or ethnic taunts and insults

- do not for any reason speculate about the people posting here

- avoid discussions with obvious trolls and/or mentally unstable people*

- no conspiracy theories

- do some reading here before posting if unfamiliar with the relevant topics

- do not discuss or cite any outdated physical anthropology work unless it's just the raw measurement data in the context of discussions about archeology and/or ancient DNA

- do not post any illegal or defamatory material

- stay on topic unless you have a good excuse for going off topic

*Mental illness is not a joke, but it is a reality for a lot of people, so we're bound to see some visitors here occasionally with this problem. If unsure, simply ignore and move on.

There is no rule against swearing and name calling, but try to keep things civil. Trolls should be regularly called out for who they are, but keep it short and then move on.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your rules and limit setting. I had been getting turned off by the odd and peculiar comments lately from obviously closed minded egos. A tacking toward objectivity is clearly a good choice on your role as moderator.

Onur Dincer said...


Good move. I think you should seriously begin to consider comment moderation if you have not already.

Razib Khan said...


Nirjhar007 said...

Good move . I also like the thing that unlike the previous rules, a specific person is not named !.

All we want is a friendly debate , topic to topic with some reasoning ! .


Davidski said...

Moderation will be on and off, like last night, depending on who visits and how they behave.

Awale Ismail said...

You kind of already had some of these rules but good work. This comment section was always a treat to read until it started degenerating.


Garvan said...

"There is no rule against swearing and name calling, but try to keep things civil."

Swearing is a bad habit. I am Irish, and we (including me in times of stress) overuse the word f**k. It's ugly. Name calling is usually harmless banter, but when it leads to responses, it gets in the way of what I am here to read.

Can I suggest stopping the swearing?


Davidski said...

I totally see what you're saying Garvan, and I think that once I impose these new, tighter rules on discussions, and force most of the trolls out one way or another, things will calm down. Or so I hope.

Dospaises said...

I think I am still going to have to read comments that completely lack logic but at least there will be a lot less of them.

bellbeakerblogger said...

Here's another: no rapid fire posting.
Five back to back comments is yelling not conversing.

andrew said...

Interesting way to formula your rules. I wonder how it will play out.

NorPopGen said...

@Samuel Andrews
"The single LNBA I1 sample in G25 is WHG-rich, north of any MN farmer-Steppe cline. Modern Scandinavians have excess WHG, beyond what Funnel Beaker can explain. It is possible I1 source is WHG-rich."

Which sampleid is that?
And I find no modern Scandinavians with excess WHG. From where have you got your data?

Unknown said...

@Davidski: I don't think there is any field more prone to "glass is half full, glass is half empty" discussions then genomics research discussions. On top of that you have all these white supremacists who want to expose the Marxist leftist conspiracy so moderating this blog must be hell! :-)

Ebrelios said...

Is there a rule to always write a new comment and using @ instead of using reply option? Or commenting older posts?

archlingo said...

I wonder how some users here can wonder about a "fast expansion of R1b-Z2103" into middle-western Europe. IMHO there is no single find of that SNP in Western Europe before 2000calBC. The R1b in Western Europe all descend from R-L51, in 2020 ISOGG notation, R1b 101 b1a, having crept up the Danube valley. Who ever knows bettdr, please only post with full ID, scientific Date, and source. Thank You.